All That Glitters…


Anyone who’s ever spent any time with children knows that they have zero taste. You might think that handmade wooden easel is absolutely darling but they will undoubtedly prefer the purple and orange plastic contraption with LED wheels. So telling kids they can’t use glitter any more because it’s a microplastic, fish-killing abomination will fall on deaf ears. What to do?

The trouble with glitter (and sequins, for that matter) is it’s made from tiny bits of plastic that stay in the oceans, rivers and lakes for years and years and years.  Fish such as tuna and filter-feeders like oysters and mussels are just wolfing it up along with their normal food. And then it goes up the food chain, ultimately ending in us.

As any parent knows, glitter is not suitable for a child under 3 years because they might eat it. It turns out they’re eating it anyway. We all are. For lunch.

Luckily, the glitter ball can still keep turning thanks to a number of more eco-friendly glitters made of cellulose (from wood pulp) with low levels of toxic heavy metals. Available from a number of online retailers:

Eco Glitter Fun 

Eco Stardust

The Mermaid Cave