Cotton Buds


Following Scotland’s plan to ban plastic cotton buds, our friends at Cotton Bud Project suggest alternatives from Johnson’s, Boots, The Body Shop and most supermarkets. Either way, if you don’t want to add to the fatbergs, bin ’em don’t flush ’em.

The Last Straw


It’s funny how a ground swell of public opinion can hit you personally in under a week. On Monday, my friend who owns a coffee shop asked me to pick up some plastic straws at Ikea. By the time I’d got them (Wednesday), the news had gone crazy over plastic cotton buds. By the time I delivered them to her (Friday), plastic straws were over. And now it seems ridiculous that we were ever using them.

Paper straws cost cafes about 2p whereas plastic are basically free. We say, suck up the 2p or don’t suck at all.

If you feel a kid’s birthday is incomplete without straws, try Kikkerland for loads of colourful, eco-friendly options.

Plastic Bottle Ban at Glastonbury

Time has been called on the estimated 1million plastic bottles used by festival-goers at Glastonbury. For its next event, in 2019, a site-wide ban on plastic bottles is in the planning stage. Presumably this means the sale of new plastic bottles rather than a complete ban on bringing in bottles. Revellers will be encouraged to use the water kiosks and stainless steel refill cups it introduced in 2014, organiser Emily Eavis told BBC Six Music.